KatrinaRoeKatrina Roe is an author and radio presenter.  

Most recently she was host of the morning show on Sydney’s Hope 103.2 radio (www.hope1032.com.au) before leaving to have her second baby.

Katrina also has a successful parenting blog (www.frommouthsofbabes.com).   

Marty’s Nut-Free Party was her first children’s book, followed by Emily Eases her Wheezes. Emily was listed as a notable book by CBCA in 2015. Same is her latest book, and was released in July 2015.

Katrina has also contributed to two inspirational anthologies, All Creation Sings: Psalms of Everyday Christians and a book about miscarriage called In God’s Hands: Overcoming Miscarriage in a Broken World.  

In 2009, she completed her Masters in International Relations, just for fun!  Katrina also likes kayaking, bushwalking, reading novels, taking holidays, listening to music and hanging out with friends.  She’s adamant that tea should always be made in a pot and she has a definite weakness for soft cheese. She lives in Sydney with her three young daughters and her husband Chris.

Speaker Topics
Katrina draws on her own experiences and challenges as a parent to deliver workshops that motivate and inspire. From dealing with miscarriage to children's allergies, Katrina's workshops are educational and engaging.

Workshop: Living with Food Allergies