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We're seeking original illustrations from Australian school-aged students (aged 5 - 18) to publish in a unique picture book by the team at Wombat Books.

The Challenge has been established in order to provide aspiring young illustrators with the opportunity to be published in a professionally produced children's book and gain an introduction into the world of illustrating.

Winning illustrations will be published in the book titled Around Australia in 30 Places which is due for release in 2019. Illustrators will receive two free copies of the book and a $50 voucher to spend at Wombat Books on other titles. They will be acknowledged on the Wombat Books website as a rising illustrator.

Judging decisions will be made by the Wombat Books team of authors, editors and illustrators. Selected entries will be posted on the Wombat Books blog and Facebook for you to share with your friends and family. 

This is the third challenge Wombat Books has run. We want to create a unique and special picture book by Aussie children for everyone to treasure and learn about the wonderful places to explore in this country.



About Around Australia in 30 Places
An adventure around Australia by the Wombat Books team. Access the text for the book here.

pointing webStarting in Brisbane and ending in Capalaba (the home of Wombat Books), on each page of the book our Wombat character will tell the reader about what makes the location special.

When illustrating the book, choose animals, features, characters or anything related to the famous and not-so-famous places featured in our story. If you find out something extra special about the area, you can illustrate it!

We want this book to be a real compilation of Aussie kids and Aussie places.

lllustrate your picture on an A4 sheet. Allow space for the text by making some of your picture faded or with less detail (check out how we have set up our previous books to see what to do!). We have done two sample pages for you to check out here. 



Entry Instructions

This year there are new entry requirements. Please follow these for your entries to be considered for publication in Around Australia in 30 Places:

ENTRIES CLOSE 30 November 2018

  1. 1. Choose one or multiple places from Around Australia in 30 Places to illustrate. Use an A4-size page for each illustration. Each place must have a separate illustration (no double-page spreads). Choose places from the text here.

  2. 2. The fee to enter this year is a previous purchase of one of our other illustration challenges. You must include in your entry a copy of the purchase receipt for one of our two previous Illustration Challenge books. You can buy Yay! It's Library Day and Zoo Ball online or ask for either at your local bookstore.

  3. 3. All submissions must come via post to our address: PO Box 1519, Capalaba QLD 4157. We suggest registering your mail with AusPost to make sure it gets to us!

  4. 4. Please include an entry form with each submission. Access this here.

  5. 5. Please do not bend, fold or crinkle your illustration. It unfortunately cannot be considered for publication if it is folded. We do accept high-resolution photocopies of the original illustration if you want to keep your original safe.
  6. 6. Please put your name in pencil on the back of your illustration.

  7. 7. If you are a teacher submitting on behalf of students, it is still required that full contact details are provided for any student entering.

  8. 8. You may submit multiple illustrations. You are not required to purchase more than one copy of our Illustration Challenge books to do so.

  9. 9. Unfortunately we are unable to send entries back after judging. We’ll find a special place in our Wombat office for them.

  10. 10. Entries must arrive by 30 November 2018.


Need some inspiration? Check out our Illustrator Inspiration Pack. We've included some of our favourite picture books.

Ericfindsawayes KateandtheThingsmall littlemeerkatsmall

3x Wombat Books titles ($45) + Free Shipping




  1. 1. Why do I have to purchase a copy of Yay! It's Library Day or Zoo Ball?

  2. The cost of running the Illustration Challenge is quite large. We do not want to charge an entry fee. By making it a requirement to purchase our previous amazing Illustration Challenge books, we hope to inspire creativity for the kids entering and also show the production quality of previous challenges. You can also see a bit of how we did the layout so you can understand what requirements are expected of where and how you draw your picture.

    2. Why is there no voting round this time for the cover artist?

  3. We want this challenge to be about the children’s skill and not how many Likes they get on Facebook. The cover will be a compilation of all the kids' illustrations this time.

  4. 3. Can I still vote for my favourite picture?

  5. Yes, we want you to share our illustrators' wonderful work far and wide. We will be posting the illustrations on the Wombat Books blog and Facebook for you to share with your friends and family. Voting will occur between the 1st-7th of October. The winning illustrator will receive two prizes, an illustration pack of resources valued at $150 and a $250 prize pack of Wombat Books titles for their school to enjoy.

    4. Will an author tour with the book?

  6. Our inhouse team have prepared an educational style book this year to tour Australia. Winning students can apply for their school to host a skype publishing Q&A session with publisher, Rochelle Manners.

  7. 5. What if I'm a teacher and many kids in my class want to enter the Illustration Challenge?
  8. Wombat Books has class sets avaiable at discounted prices for Yay! It's Library Day and Zoo Ball. For any teacher wanting to enter their school or class in the Challenge, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information. Class sets are a minumum of 20x of either Yay! It's Library Day or Zoo Ball.

For all enquiries contact:

Wombat Books
Phone: 07 3245 1938
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.