ISBN: 978-1-921633-36-2

Release: 1st September 2012

Price: $19.95

Size: 242 by 242 mm

Written by: Katrina Roe
Illustrated by: Leigh Hedstrom

Marty loved to party. At every party, Marty was the first to arrive and the last to leave. That was before Marty found out that peanuts make him sick. Really sick.

Parties aren't so much fun for Marty now that he keeps ending up in hospital. How can Marty and his friends make their parties safe and fun for everybody?

It just wasn't a party without Marty.

Short-listed: Speech Pathology Award Australia, 2013. CALEB Children's awards, 2014.

An all-new adventure for Marty, Emily, Gemma and their fun-loving friends!


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