lovesmallISBN: 978-1-922074-82-9

Release: 1 May 2013

Price: $18.95

Written by: Kirrily Lowe
Illustrated by: Henry Smith

“There is one thing that I need most, I need it more than tea and toast.”

Love is the first book in The Invisible Tree Series. In Love a little person learns about what we all need most. He learns about receiving love and giving it away. And as he learns something special is growing on the inside!

The Invisible Tree is an inspirational series of children’s books that capture core values that we all esteem in the life of children and adults!


The Invisible Tree 3 Book Set

Includes: Love, Joy and Patience

Order the 3 book set: $50.00 including postage.


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Patience + Love + Joy + Peace + Kindness + Free Shipping


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