By Kathy Hoopmann and Josie Montano

Secret Science Cover 1

ISBN: 9781925563764

Release: 10 August 2019

Price: $12.99 Paperback

Mona likes to moan.
Kiki is a worry-wart.
Bart loves following rules.
And Zane HATES following rules.

When the four of them are put into The Secret Science Society together, this could only mean one thing: DISASTER!

Will they be able to work together to create an experiment that Mona won’t moan about, Kiki knows is safe, Bart will think is perfect and that is really, REALLY exciting for Zane?

But ssssssshhhhhhh, the ending is a secret.

$12.99 Paperback + $5 Shipping (Pre-order item: available 10 August 2019)



Distributed by Novella Distribution
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